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Topic subjectRE: I am in a rut re: how gain more direct customer business
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558, RE: I am in a rut re: how gain more direct customer business
Posted by CurtisD, Thu Jun-21-07 10:49 AM
Hi there,

First thing I would like to say is that after reading your post, I now have a craving for some sweets/pastries. Unfortunately I live in Alberta, so I probably can't visit you.

Ok, on to serious matters. A few things off hand I can think of would be to take down information from your existing customers (names, phone numbers, addresses, emails, birthdays, etc). Start up a monthly newsletter where you keep in touch with your customers, letting them know some strange facts, maybe a puzzle or two, a few articles and maybe even recipes, and your latest offerings. This will keep you in the mind of your customer, and if you have a coupon of the month/week, you will keep them coming back.

Also, do you currently do birthday or wedding specials? If you do great, if not, it might be a good idea to start. In your newsletter, or through another manner, let people know you have special deals when they order bulk for their wedding/birthday parties, so when any of your customers is planning a special occasion, you're right there (in print) to give them the idea to come to you (as much as they enjoy your products, they might not think of this otherwise).

Also if you can get customers to give you their birth date (let them know they'll be receiving a special gift from you if they do), then you can send them a few items free of charge on their birthday. They will love this so much, they will be unlikely to go anywhere else, and will be a lot more likely to tell their friends/family about you.

The thing about this is that most people don't celebrate their birthday alone, so it is likely someone else (who probably hasn't tried your product before) will be there, and if they hear their friend got these products for free, and the products are good, how likely do you think it is that that person will want to become a customer of yours?

These are a few examples of what you can do, the most important thing is to keep your customers thinking about you. The more you do that, the more they will bring you up in their conversations, remain a loyal customer, tell others about you, etc. Considering a newsletter won't take more then 30 min-hour to create and 50 cents to sent out, I'd be willing to be if you could get just a few new customers/big orders, it would more than pay off. Continue using a system like this as your business grows and you will find yourself with many happy, loyal customers, and a steady stream of income.

Good luck with your business and if I am ever in your area, I will make a point to try some of your products as I'm sure they're delicious.

All the best,

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