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Topic subjectRE: I am in a rut re: how gain more direct customer business
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546, RE: I am in a rut re: how gain more direct customer business
Posted by Pepperfire, Tue Jun-19-07 06:14 AM
Hi C. <-- I couldn't resist. :D

>I have received great PR and awards since the start of the
>company but great PR only lasts so long. My rut is how do I
>keep that going?

How did you get the original PR... who did you talk to? Where did you present your product that got you this PR. How did you win the awards, etc. Sounds to me like you've got a winning plan, keep doing those things.

>How do I develop this business...get more sales from direct
>customers- get more people to call and really think of us
>first over my competitors? I know, this seems to simple or
>should be but it is not.

Try co-operating with local businesses. The more visible you are, the more people will know of your existence. Also, if you can, I would open a store front.

>I am seeking some advice on how to attract more customers to
>my company?

It sounds to me like you are doing just fine. Perhaps you need to do some co-op advertising... write some articles on how to ice a cake or get some recipes into local newspapers, etc. Perhaps you might consider doing some video blogging.

>Oh, one last question:
>I am in the process of writing a press release. Does my
>website need to be top-notch before I send anything out?

If you wait until everything is perfect, you will never send anything out. Send it when it is working and functional. AND never apologize for the fact that it isn't finished yet. As far as anyone is concerned every business including the huge conglomerates that have winning recipes and been in business for a thousand years are constantly upgrading and improving their company. Your business is always a work in progress.

I hope my thoughts are helpful.


Tina Brooks, VP Marketing
Brooks Pepperfire Foods, Inc.
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