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Topic subjectI am in a rut re: how gain more direct customer business
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528, I am in a rut re: how gain more direct customer business
Posted by CookieLady, Thu Jun-14-07 06:36 AM

I thought I would give this website forum a try to see if
anyone could help me get jumpstarted with how to develop more
direct customer business.

My name is C. and I have a high end pastry business. I have
been in business for about 4yrs.  I have a website which
customers go to for more info as well as to place orders or
they may call it in too.
I have some wholesale business (restaraunts and catering
companies) whom carry my pasties and cookies.  I operate out
of a pastry kitchen; I do not have a storefront due to the
amount of overhead....cusotmers, however may come out to
pick-up their order or we will deliver it. I get exposure by
par-taking in local events, markets, as well as the wholesale
business but for me this is not enough.  

My sales are good.  Good meaning that I am not losing money
but breaking even.  I do not take a pay check nor can I at
this time.
I want to develop this business, grow it to the point where I
can take a paycheck, as well as begin to hire people but I am
not there yet.

I have received great PR and awards since the start of the
company but great PR only lasts so long.  My rut is how do I
keep that going?
How do I develop this business...get more sales from direct
customers- get more people to call and really think of us
first over my competitors?  I know, this seems to simple or
should be but it is not.

I am seeking some advice on how to attract more customers to
my company?  

Oh, one last question:
I am in the process of writing a press release.  Does my
website need to be top-notch before I send anything out?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you.