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Posted by promoz, Fri Jun-29-07 02:07 AM
You've definately started off on the right foot with joining your local Chamber - plus getting some free press.

The others have suggested great ideas, especially going door-to-door. I know a lot of people view that as the old typical sales approach. However, you are providing a service and people don't know they need it until they need it. :-)

What are the "Benefits" you offer with your service?

- Benefits to the insurance agencies who can provide referrals.

- Benefits to your potential clients (homeowners).

Check with your local library and offer to conduct a free seminar on home inventory. Some benefits you may want to highlight are how an inventory can save them $$$. The proof is in the inventory and it makes filing for insurance claims easier. Get some quotes from local agencies on how an inventory is an asset.

Network with insurance agents and find out who offers or would be willing to offer a discount on policies for those who have a inventory done.

Create a checklist and pamphlet that you can hand out to participants with your business imprinted on it.

The key to success is showing the "Value" of your service to the customer. Tell them the "Why" of why do they need your service. And the bottom line - "How to I benefit from you?" again - more money, easier claims.

Consider getting a business card CD with a short presentation on it that you can hand out or during a seminar hand out disposable cameras with your business name imprinted on them.

Don't stop at the library - offer to conduct a seminar at the Chamber of Commerce. Home Inventory is valuable for businesses too!

Get out and See the People!


Make a Lasting Impression