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Posted by Pepperfire, Thu Jun-28-07 07:30 AM
Curtis... One of these days I want to partner with you on some project; I like the way you think. :)

Chelley... I just had an idea for customers too (if it hasn't been suggested); Companies that require itemizations for insurance purposes.

Curtis has a great idea about going door to door. It's not often I will stop in the middle of the day and listen to a sales pitch though, but I think this one has merit.

Pounding the pavement isn't easy, you have to be able to want a "no" for an answer, you'll get a lot of them. But if you feel so inclined to do something like this, I recall one of my early mentors in the financial field, he was doing business back when insurance salesmen went door to door and he told the story that he'd walk into the company get the name of the President and offer to pay him $20 for five minutes of the guy's time. And if at the end of the five minutes the guy didn't feel he'd earned his $20, he'd leave $20 lighter.

He told me that he never left without his $20 still in his pocket, because what he was offering was something that was worth his five minutes.

I think that offering to pay someone for their time will get them to pay attention, at the very least.


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