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Posted by Pepperfire, Wed Jun-13-07 06:48 AM
Hi Chelley,

The insurance companies aren't going to bite much unless you manage to convince them that the service will save them money in the long run.

I'd think that your best target market is people who've had to make insurance claims in the past and seen their insurance premiums skyrocket as a result. Anyone who has lived through a fire where they have to itemize items that have been reduced to a pile of ash and soot are the best advocate you could possibly have for your business.

Since losing all of our belongings in a fire, three years ago, I tell everyone that they should do what you are doing... It's a lot easier for me to tell them to do that, if 1. I know someone who does this and 2. I've done it myself.

Find a couple of people who are willing to take a cutrate price for you to go into their homes, do their home inventory while leaving an ad with your phone number on the front lawn saying "Home Inventory being done by You" or something attractive. Then have them give you a testamonial. Get testamonials from people who wish they'd had a home inventory after the fact to say so, etc.

(I gather you are doing pre-disaster home inventories as opposed to "after-the-fire" inventories?)

Hope these thoughts help.


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