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70, RE: Need cost effective marketing help for Upscale Billiard Hall and Cafe
Posted by Pepperfire, Mon Oct-16-06 09:22 AM
I don't know much about running a pool hall, but I used to play a lot... Here are some ideas from a player:

- Pro nights... bring in a local pro to do trick shots and offer lessons so that people learn how to hold the cue correctly, good billiards stance, table etiquette, stuff like that.

- Amateur competitions... Do some joint marketing with local companies and radio stations to offer prizes

- Team competitions; ladies competitions, etc.

- Ladies night... Ladies with membership cards play free, first drink on the house if they bring a non-member friend.

- Make the shot nights... Set up a shot and have prizes for people who can make it. Have someone on hand, who can make the shot to do it so people can see it, btw. Such as double cross band shots, tricky caroms, etc.

- Fund raisers

- Private parties (We had a champagne tuxedo only party in a pool hall one night, that was fantastic and generated a lot of follow on business for that hall.)

- Learn the game... offer opportunities to learn different games, ie nine ball, poker, etc.

- Get known with the APA so that games played in your establishment qualify for points and registered players will want to play in your establishment.

- Write a blog, newsletter, whatever, that will keep fans of the game (and members of the hall) abreast of the games that get played in house.

- Set up cue lockers for members

- Keep your tables clean and in good shape with enough space between them so players don't have to worry about bumping the guy at the next table... From the pics on your site, the tables look really close together.

- Offer both nine ball (which I assume you do) and eight ball racks and if you don't already have one, look into getting a snooker table as well.

I hope those help breed some more ideas for you. Good luck

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