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431, starting a parttime business
Posted by jrtataw, Fri Apr-27-07 11:15 PM
I wanted some feedback on a business idea. I am researching on a business that would provide insulation in the walls of older wooden frame homes. Installing the insulation is expensive, but may be a way to keeping costs lower than the method of removing siding, wallboard, etc. and then covering a batt insulation. I've considered foam insulation, but I think obstructions, like outlet boxes, wiring, and plumbing may prevent the foam from reaching the bottom of the walls. The product I am looking at using is styrofoam beads. Drilling a hole at the top of each space between wall studs and blowing the beads in,then patching the hole back to existing conditions. The beads would filter to the bottom and there would be no settling over time. The insulating R-value is comparable to fiberglass batt insulation. I have seen websites of companies in Ireland that provide this service, but their application is different because the wall structure is different.