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Posted by Pepperfire, Sun Apr-22-07 07:15 AM
Hey Toronto,

I was just looking at your website, and I have a couple of comments that I know you didn't ask for, but if you are looking to hire employees, this info will help.

1. The website, on my monitor is very difficult to read. You might want to look at standardizing your text box so that it is dark text on a light background, it is easier to read.

2. I recommend spending the $50 it will cost you to put that page up on your own .com, or .ca whichever you prefer. I would never consider a Tripod address as a company I want to work for, how could I take it seriously?

3. You also might take a few minutes to define more clearly what the "opportunity" entails. It seems unthought out.

Now, to answer your question...

Try in the help wanteds section as well as city local help wanted ads. Many newspapers allow free ads to be posted on their web sections.

You might also want to consider that (at least for Canada) you can post job offers for free with the Canada Employment Centers, I would imagine that you can do this for other countries as well.

Good luck to you.


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