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Posted by promoz, Fri Apr-20-07 03:20 AM
Here are some things I do specifically for building website traffic, which in turn generates prospects and customers for my business:

1. The first thing I do and there is plenty of good advice here on how to write one and the benefits, but I submit a Press Release. For me, it got my name out there and created a short buzz with a burst of traffic. You can submit one for free to

2. The next best thing, but it takes some time unless you freelance it out to someone, is to write keyword rich articles that relate to your business or service. You can get an idea of what keywords relate to your business for free at WordTracker the link is below:

For instance, a phrase that pertains to my business and is searched for by people is "Corporate Logo Golf Balls." So, I wrote an article on the subject, which is now posted to the web for all to read.

BTW you can post free articles to the link above (no affiliate link).

One of my articles has generated over 13,000 views.

3. Another thing I do, which is often overlooked or misunderstood by many is use Free Classified Advertising. The response is not overwhelming, but it does provide traffic and customers. The key is being consistent, updating your ads prior to or after they've expired to keep them current. The site below offers great links to free advertising and a systematic plan on how to use them effectively

4. Finally, since it's part of the business I'm in...incorporating promotional products into your marketing mix can drive more traffic to your website too.

Pens, business cards, magnetic business cards, sticky notes, etc. are all low-cost marketing tools that can be imprinted with your business name, website, and benefit statement. Hand them out or leave them everywhere you go and people will get the message.

I've put out a lot of information, but I know it's worked for me.

Press on to Success,

Make a Lasting Impression!