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390, Marketing question
Posted by rob, Sun Apr-08-07 07:36 AM
Hello. I am at a crossroads with my marketing business. I am trying to figure which services clients would be most interested in. I want to offer market research,marketing plan development, strategic planning,press release devlopment event promotion and press release development. The problem is that I not too certain how much i should actually charge my clients without overcharging. I am also curious to see how many entreprenuers would be interested in hiring someone to complete these tasks for them. Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thans for taking the time to read my post and have a wonderful day!
444, RE: Marketing question
Posted by astrosnider, Mon May-07-07 06:14 AM
Hi Rob,

I do believe there is a need for this service and have been doing it for over four years now. It's all in how you present it and I continue to have my fair share of work cut out for me on a daily basis. If you are finding that you aren't yet "there" in getting clients for these items, try offering customized services which could lead into these things...i.e. help with Newsletters, ezines, etc.

Angela Strosnider
~Virtual Office & Business Solutions~