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Topic subjectWhat should I charge???
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383, What should I charge???
Posted by dmr816, Sat Apr-07-07 06:12 AM
I made some postcards for a restaurant because she needed the ones she had translated into a different language for the bilingual community. I have only done these projects (business cards, post cards, flyers) for friends and family at no charge. I was wondering what I should charge them for my time I know the materirals are added as a fee but I dont even know where to begin looking for what to charge. I also created some ads for the local newspaper for this restaurant and again I dont know what to charge for my services. The owner is a friend of my mother and she told her I am a stay at home mom and knew how to make the cards and ad. Any guidence would be very much appreciated. thank you
388, RE: What should I charge???
Posted by phardytech, Sun Apr-08-07 12:46 AM

1) What is your competition charging for related services?

2) How much do you feel your services are WORTH?

3) What is your desired profit?

4) What are your COGS (cost of goods sold)?

5) What is the average ROI (return on investment) you feel your clients will receive if they use your services?

6) What is the average ROI your competition delivers to its clients?

If you can answer these questions, you have a good idea of what to charge for your services.

If you cannot answer these questions, you have homework to do. Find answers to these questions and you'll know what to charge for your services.


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434, RE: What should I charge???
Posted by Strategist, Sun Apr-29-07 09:09 PM
Great that you're ready to be paid.

If you didn't talk money before you took the job, you pretty much have to take whatever you get, even nothing.

Take what you've created and start a book of your projects. If you are going to start a part-time business, do so.

Then tell your mother and anyone else that you've done free work for that you're in business and would appreciate them sending you referrals.

I don't know what you did, but the lowest fee I've seen for graphics is $60 per hour. Most of my clients charge much more, actually they charge by the project, which is more professional.

I had a client tell me she was getting $75 per hour, but by the time I went through my list of all that goes into pricing, it was more like $10 or $15.

Do the research that's necessary to find your prices.