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Posted by CurtisD, Fri Apr-06-07 05:45 AM
I agree with the last posters about littering. I know a lot of people that absolutely can't stand having things placed under their windshield wipers and I imagine they wouldn't be too happy with this either, and just rip it off, throw it on the ground, and not bother looking at it. Undoubtedly you would get some interested people. But I think overall it would be very hit or miss. I think you should take the time to find out who you're ideal client is, and then think of ways to start appealing to that target market (do they watch a lot of TV, listen to radio, read the paper, use email?) Once you know this you can find the best media to advertise to them in, whether it be a radio ad, or a direct mail campaign. You could also start a referral program with your current clients by having a small vacation package or some electronic items, whatever it may be, just some small prizes to give away in a contest to either the person who refers the most people over a 3 month period, or everyone who refers a new customer over a 3 month period gets entered into this contest. You could also partner up with another local business that would tie into your business and promote their business to your clients if they promote your business to theirs. This could be a grocery store, or any other type of business where people who use your service would get a discount at this certain store (bringing that store more business) and at the same time people who go to this store would be made aware of a special deal they get with your service by being a customer of that certain store (bringing more business to you).

Just a few ideas here, all the best to you,

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