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Posted by promoz, Wed Apr-04-07 05:20 AM
Hi Louise

I normally don't recommend using fliers that are placed on windshields - as previously mentioned they contribute to littering and as a business owner you don't want your business name plastered all over the town as litter blown about here & there.

Typically, the fliers placed on car windshields are seldom acted upon. Most people are coming back to their cars with their arms full and/or they're busy loading the trunk. Many times they miss the flier until they get into the driver's seat and then they're upset because now they need to get out and remove it.

The majority of the time they're crumbled up and tossed aside.

If fliers are what you want to do due to budget constraints then I recommend doing them this way.

- contact the local grocery or department store manager and ask for their permission for standing outside the store to hand out fliers.

Talk to them as a win-win solution for them. You are an errand service providing a valuable service to your clients and the bulk of your business will consist of doing business with them.

- then once permission is granted create some fliers that highlight the benefits of using your service. You need to address the problem that people have and how your service fixes their problem.

Pulled in eight different directions?
Need 28 hours in a 24 hour day?

Does this sound like you? drop off the kids at school, run Jimmy to soccer practice, take Jenny to her piano recital, pick-up groceries, get to work on time, on and on and on it repeats itself.

If only you had a couple of extra hours.

Let the complications of your day be relieved by Simple Errands.

We make life "simple" by giving you more time back in your day, giving you more of your life back.


Then list the services you provide. Who wouldn't want more time out of their day? Who wouldn't want their life back?

- Hand out your fliers to everyone that comes of the store. Be ready to explain your service..."stressing how you can help them."

- Think about getting some magnetic business cards. The main things to put on your business cards are your Name, contact info whether it's a website or phone number, and your benefit statement!

These mini-fliers will get stuck on refrigerators, file cabinents, etc.

- Consider handing out fliers at baseball, soccer, football, softball fields to the parents or parent in the stands.

Hand them out to daycare centers.


Hope this helps and gives you some insight on a better promotional strategy then fliers under a windshield.

Press on to Success!


Make a Lasting Impression!