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Topic subjectDo you want to learn how to build you list?
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352, Do you want to learn how to build you list?
Posted by jland, Sat Mar-24-07 07:46 PM
The most valuable thing I have ever learned is how to focus my energy regarding my internet business.

I learned the focus needs to be on building my list. It can't be just any list, it has to be a massive highly responsive list that grows and expands automatically. I was just wandering in the massive jungle of the internet, wasting my money on empty promises. I was very frustrated and it seemed that everything was a scam.

It wasn't until I learned the proper steps in the right direction I started to see results.
I needed guidance. I needed someone to show me what works. I needed step by step directions that I could follow.

I would like to show you what I learned. I want to show you how you can easily duplicate success and secure long term residual income.

Please tell me what you think.
-Jonathan Land
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There is no try.
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