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Posted by promoz, Wed Mar-28-07 07:32 AM
Congrats on doing your homework (Bus plan).

Sounds like you've done your research and you're ready to get the word out.

You have a service business so one of the best ways to attract
customers is to go to where they are...

Typically what I do is the following and I think it would work for you too.

- Gather some marketing material (brochures, business cards, promotional products, a photo album showing before & after repairs, maybe even a demo you can perform).

- Head down to your nearby Auto, RV dealership and introduce yourself and your business.

Highlight your "benefits" - you "Fix like Magic." That tells me that now I see it, now I don't.

Here's a sample script - this is after you've found the person in charge, manager, owner, etc..


Hi Joe, I'm Jeff and I appreciate you taking a moment of your time to speak with me. I know you're busy, but I wanted to drop by and introduce myself and my business and how we can help you sell more cars at a higher price (screams how you can help them).

My company fixes leather, vinyl, and fabric like magic. What sells for a higher price - a car with a hole in the leather seats or one without? Instead of replacing it let us make it virtually disappear.

Here is some information about what we do. What would work better for you Tuesday or Wednesday at 10:00 am? I'd like to follow-up with you and demonstrate how our process works plus answer any questions you may have.

Wednesday works for you. Great! I'll see you Wednesday at 10:00.

Thanks for your time Joe and I look forward to meeting with you again.


Trust me - you visit places of business - see the people - and tell them how your business can "Benefit" their business - you'll find plenty of customers.

Don't forget your leave behinds - business cards, pens, pencils, aka promotional products.

Press on to Success,


Make a Lasting Impression!