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35, finding contacts and customers.
Posted by Woodenickles, Sun Sep-10-06 01:52 PM
Hello Everyone,

I am a small business franchise owner whose looking for clients and contacts. My business is in the business of building a community online, and by that I mean we are looking for people who are looking, teachable, and aggressive to go into business with. Since the health and wellness trend is a trillion dollar market industry, we put heavy focus in that arena. We have exclusive rights to the #1 selling energy drink in the US, and #2 selling energy drink in the world.
We are in business with some of the top fortune five hundred companys such as Barnes and Nobles, Disney, and name a few. We have everything, over 1 million sku's.
There is a lot more to this business such as we have one of the greatest leadership development programs available. But bottom line is that we are looking for qualified clients and asking you for your expertise. How do you bring these particular type of people to the surface? We appreciate your suggestions.