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Posted by ljustforme2, Mon Mar-19-07 11:07 AM
Hello.. I use to have a business similiar to yours. I would send out thank you cards for businesses. Well, my first client was extremely nice. I did cold calls, and when he said yes, I was in shock!!!! I think he was my 5 or 6th call. He had me sending thank you cards to everyone he knew, and to every client he had, which was nice. I don't know if you are sending cards or just reminding, but I can tell you the card business was nice.. kept me busy but helped pay the bills. He then referred me to more clients. I wish I would have never given it up. I wish you well. Cold calling is not bad, but try business men. They usually can use the extra reminders. I wish you well with your business. Once you get a few good clients they will do your advertising for you. Take care