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329, Help getting clients
Posted by steph012, Thu Mar-15-07 02:57 AM
Hi everyone,

I'm in the midst of starting a reminder service from home. I started cold calling a few days ago, which I really dislike, but at the same time, it gives me a quick yes or no. I don't want to just stick with one form of contacting potential clients, though. Does anyone run a similar business or any type of "service business" that would mind sharing what kind of marketing they used? BTW - When I cold call and get a "yes, send me more info", I fax it to them. I read somewhere that you have to get permission to fax, so I make sure I get the ok. I was thinking about mailing a small number of postcards to see what type of response I get. Would email be a good way or should I avoid it like the plague?

Thank you for the help.
333, RE: Help getting clients
Posted by BizConsulting, Thu Mar-15-07 04:27 PM
Hello Steph;

Congratulations on starting your business.

When developing a marketing plan for your business, there isn't just one answer. Prospects respond to marketing in different ways. Some will prefer email, some a post card, some cold calling, hand written notes, etc. Bottom line, you are going to need to try a variety of things. Track where your sales are coming from so that you can maximize your return on investment from your marketing efforts.

By the way, those that are saying "Send me some information!" that is a tactic used to get you off the phone. When they say that, even when you have asked if it is okay to fax information, be sure to find out their interest in your information. A good comment at that point is, "I would be happy to send some information to you. However, I don't want to waste your time and paper by sending the wrong information. Do you mind if I ask what type of information you are looking for? What would you like to learn about my services and my background?" That should open the dialogue up more and hopefully lead to some business. Or, it might just cut somebody off the hook who was blowing you off with the "Just send me information" line.

As times goes on, you will develop a strong client list and you will be receiving referrals which is another form of marketing.

Have you read the book, "Word of Mouth Marketing" by Andy Sernovitz? Great read!

Good Luck in Your New Business

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340, RE: Help getting clients
Posted by ljustforme2, Mon Mar-19-07 11:07 AM
Hello.. I use to have a business similiar to yours. I would send out thank you cards for businesses. Well, my first client was extremely nice. I did cold calls, and when he said yes, I was in shock!!!! I think he was my 5 or 6th call. He had me sending thank you cards to everyone he knew, and to every client he had, which was nice. I don't know if you are sending cards or just reminding, but I can tell you the card business was nice.. kept me busy but helped pay the bills. He then referred me to more clients. I wish I would have never given it up. I wish you well. Cold calling is not bad, but try business men. They usually can use the extra reminders. I wish you well with your business. Once you get a few good clients they will do your advertising for you. Take care