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Topic subjectRE: Anyone use blogs to promote their business?
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334, RE: Anyone use blogs to promote their business?
Posted by Pepperfire, Fri Mar-16-07 02:13 PM
I will be the first to say that the content of your blog and what you blog about will be key to whether or not blogging is of any value to your business.

Recently, Google has set up a logorithm that searches blogs to see if they are real blogs, such as my personal blog or such as the blog I write for professionally. What that logorithm does is search for duplicate content. If the logorithm determines that the blog is simply a duplicate content site and not a real blog, it will eliminate it from listing. If on the other hand, it determines that the blog really is a blog, it will be listed and will cross-link giving extra traffic to your site.

How much traffic? Depends on your content.

It has been my personal experience that press releases are more search engine friendly. See what I see... punch Pepperfire or Peppermaster into a search engine... I both blog and regularly release press releases.


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