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316, Promote my business?
Posted by sherlockcz, Wed Mar-07-07 03:53 AM

I'm new to this site, and I like what I have seen so far. But I was hoping to get some feedback on how to best promote my business. I primarily provide people and businesses with Czech/English interpreters and also perform translations.

I recently tried using Adwords to direct people to my site, but in 2 months it didn't generate one paying customer.
I have an advertisement on (the biggest English portal site in the Czech Republic). Although it does generate a couple of sales, I still find that I'm not able to quit my normal job until things get better.

My question to you all is, what could I do to improve it? Am I missing something? I noticed that my site doesn't show up in any search engine results, even though I noticed it has a PR2 ranking. Any help or advice you could give would be appreciated.

Kind regards, Dean