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30, New Business - Just opened
Posted by flaggirl74, Thu Sep-28-06 06:35 AM
I started a new business with my target customer being construction companies. How do I get a listing of projects that are open without paying the high fees to get those listings?

31, RE: New Business - Just opened
Posted by lisasgourmet, Fri Sep-08-06 03:50 AM
The first place to start could be your local County Clerk's office. They maintain the permits for construction.
32, RE: New Business - Just opened
Posted by wwcap1, Fri Sep-08-06 10:14 AM
Another place to go would be to the local "plan" depository.

Kent Capener
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Posted by flawless, Thu Sep-14-06 04:45 AM
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Posted by lifecoachmb, Thu Sep-28-06 03:52 AM
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