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Posted by imageworkbook, Mon Apr-23-07 07:23 AM
Hello! I owned a bakery and coffee bar in a relatively small town, and I know how difficult it is to get people in your door. It sounds like you are doing some great things to promote business, and I agree with a previous reply that moving your business home is not great advice. I looked at your website, and noticed a couple of things that might help right off. I couldn't find your store hours listed. People use the web to find out the "who, what, where and why". If you can give them that info easily, you'll make an impression. In addition to that, you have an events tab, but it is pretty general. If you had monthly events going on, it would entice people to make return visits to both your site and store. You have a very powerful tool in your hands-- offering sweets and coffee to your customers! Get one good ongoing event that is geared toward people's sweet tooth- and believe me you're in! We had great success with opening up at night once a month. We sent invitations to our guest book and posted the event online every month. The evening hours brought in a crowd that didn't know us before, and the crowd grew every month until it was standing room only for the best desserts in town! Hang in there! You can do it!