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Posted by bizconsultant, Mon Feb-19-07 09:37 AM
I think there may be several factors which are holding you back and instead of giving you any generic advise, I would like the opportunity to give you some more in depth insight into what the problem(s) could be. Email me at and I can send you some information for a free business evaluation. You'd be suprised....sometimes even though it seems like alot of things are going wrong, it usually turns out to be one thing that if you fine tuned it can make the diffrence between business success and failure.

> I have a chocolate & ice cream business in a small
>town. May 07' Will be my one year anniversary. So far we make
>about 30% of our total bills. I took on a second job to cover
>the rest. the town is somewhat a tourist town and Nov to
>march/April things are slow. I've tried having a couple of
>events, I also went around to my neighbors with samples. I
>went to several meetings. Money is tight. My local major
>newspaper spot lights new business they ran a half page with
>photo, we ran a press release for our grand opening. I
>bartered air time with a radio station for a valentines
>promotion. We still get people who come in and say we didn't
>know you were here. The town holds about 4 events & 1
>parade from may to sept.(thoses days were financially great)
> Several weeks ago I contacted score and she told me since my
>lease is almost up I should close and do it from home. I can
>but I want to at least try another year. I make my own creams,
>fudges, chocolate and caramels. When the customers walk in
>they like the store and the product 9 x's out of 10 they buy
>its just getting them in the door.