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284, needs a fresh idea
Posted by Duenchocolates, Sat Feb-17-07 03:24 PM
I have a chocolate & ice cream business in a small town. May 07' Will be my one year anniversary. So far we make about 30% of our total bills. I took on a second job to cover the rest. the town is somewhat a tourist town and Nov to march/April things are slow. I've tried having a couple of events, I also went around to my neighbors with samples. I went to several meetings. Money is tight. My local major newspaper spot lights new business they ran a half page with photo, we ran a press release for our grand opening. I bartered air time with a radio station for a valentines promotion. We still get people who come in and say we didn't know you were here. The town holds about 4 events & 1 parade from may to sept.(thoses days were financially great)
Several weeks ago I contacted score and she told me since my lease is almost up I should close and do it from home. I can but I want to at least try another year. I make my own creams, fudges, chocolate and caramels. When the customers walk in they like the store and the product 9 x's out of 10 they buy its just getting them in the door.