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Topic subjectProspective clients of pre-press design & lay-outing
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283, Prospective clients of pre-press design & lay-outing
Posted by bizdan, Fri Feb-16-07 09:52 PM

I'm in the printing business (offset/letterpress). My business has been affected by the modern desktop printing business which are able to print short runs in minutes. The bulk of the jobs now is in the short running category. I'm considering acquiring these hightech machines but as I have observed, there is a very stiff competion since this machines are very easy to operate almost every body wants to invest in it. The problem is, as I have noticed, the profit is not that satisfying since everybody wants to lower his price to attract customers.I just sticked to my current setup (accepting long running jobs), the profit is good but it is seasonal and I need to use that extra ideal time to earn that extra income.

I use computers for the pre-press designing and lay-outing of logos, graphics, text layouting,brochures, phamplets, etc. (CMYK or one color)and also accepts walk-in customers for the said layouting/designing services.

Can anyone refer or help me find a client for the said
layouting/designing services which I plan to offer over the net. The customer simply have to specify the details in the form which I'm planning to upload in my website

Thanks and hoping for your help.