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Topic subjectHelp! I think my business could be big. How do I do it??
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267, Help! I think my business could be big. How do I do it??
Posted by sweetscents, Tue Feb-13-07 11:13 AM
Hi, I started my own small business. I make my own candles in my home. I have them displayed in a shop here in my town and I do craft shows etc. I have some loyal customers and am always getting new ones. Some people have asked me if they can be my consultant and sale my product. Of course they would buy at a whole sale price from me and sale it for a price to other people. So, they make money too. It would just be a lot of work for me, cause i'm the one making all these candles. I don't even know how to go about growing my business. That would be great if I got a lot of consultants. But, how do I do it. Where do I even start. I have a website of my own, but I don't even accept credit cards yet or anything. I guess I just need help in learning how to go about all of this. How can I be smart about my business, how do I grow, how does it benefit me, I don't want to be making candles day and night to keep up with the growth of my business. PLease anybody help.