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263, money saving idea
Posted by jrtataw, Sat Feb-10-07 04:34 AM
i have an idea for homes or businesses that may help save money on lighting costs. does anyone know of any info i can use to get started in developing this product?
278, RE: money saving idea
Posted by bizdan, Fri Feb-16-07 03:54 AM

I what way do you want your idea developed. Is it by funding, by promoting, or in some other ways? You did not specify how do you want to go through it.

282, RE: money saving idea
Posted by jrtataw, Fri Feb-16-07 04:23 PM
I only have an idea to work with at this time. I am looking for advice, contacts who have experience developing their ideas, sources of funding(particularly the type that may be inclined to work with energy conservation) and any other sources of information. I am in the process of researching for any existing patents on this design. (No matches as of yet)!! If everything falls into place, I have even thought of creating a website to offer this product. Hopefully, this will be the first of my ideas to come to reality.