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Posted by RedHat39, Wed Mar-21-07 03:01 AM
Krystal should you decide to use PPC advertising here are a few tips:

Do at least basic SEO, search engine optimization, on your website first. By this I mean focus your pages around a niche and use keywords pertaining to your niche at least 1% of your page's contents. Include the keywords in the page's meta-tags. Use <h1> tags instead of <h2>,<h3>,<h4>. Include your keyword in the <Title></Title> tag in a relevant, human readable fashion.

Purchase only the keyword phrase your website's niche is based upon. If you go general on your keywords you can rack up a huge daily cost for Adwords. Its better to have qualified valid clicks from a keyword phrase such as "teach your dog new tricks" for example, than to have numerous clicks for each individual word of the same phrase.

Make your PPC ad relevant to your keyword by using the keyword in the title of the ad and in the body of the ad. This will lower your cost/click bid considerably. This is kind of hard to do sometimes since you are so limited on the lines and characters per line, but try to do it if at all possible.

The biggest piece of advice I can give you is tread lightly at first until you figure out which PPC ads work for you. Set the daily budget low at first and experiment with different ad variations. Only when you see a good response to the ad raise the daily budget and or bid on the keyword.