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Posted by vwebworld, Thu Feb-01-07 06:10 AM
The first "rule" of marketing is, know your customer. Who is your
target customer? Business type? budget? Location/region? Etc.
Then where do those people go to seek a sign complany? The yellow
pages, the internet, etc?

Marketing in general - get the word out but telling everyone you
know and everyone they know :) References are a plus (As Janie says)
and should be available to show any potential customers.

Marketing on the Web - similarly, the goal is to get the word out.
First, your website should be user friendly, search engine friendly,
and effectively communicate your marketing message.

Your site does need a little attention. Several images are very
large and can make opening the site a long process. You should have
a link to a site map of your site...listing all your site's pages.

For some ideas about web marketing go to:

If you have any questions about more specific issues about your
site, do not hesitate to contact me.

"bring the world to your door"