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Posted by loganbaker, Sun Jan-28-07 11:36 AM
I own a sign company and we have been really successful on a local level due to good products/prices and reputation. But...we do a little bit of business in CA, GA, FL etc.... I would like to boost web marketing efforts. What have YOU done that works to get your name out? Do you advertise with the search engines etc??

Please advise, any help would be great!

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Posted by janiesjerky, Wed Jan-31-07 05:24 PM
One thought, If your customers have websites and you did their sign, have them give you a link on their site with a great recommendation of your work. List your company in Yahoo local. You want to be found when they search for a sign company in GA,FL etc. Good keywords on your site referencing the work you do in those states.

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250, RE: web marketing
Posted by janiesjerky, Wed Jan-31-07 05:38 PM
Sorry, forgot with yahoo local you would need local addresses there to come up for sign company in a certain city and state.

Ask you're customers to write reviews of your work on your site. Advertising on google adwords is okay, if they find what they're looking for, when they go to your site. Otherwise the clicks you pay for can be a big waste of your money.

Good luck!

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Posted by vwebworld, Thu Feb-01-07 06:10 AM
The first "rule" of marketing is, know your customer. Who is your
target customer? Business type? budget? Location/region? Etc.
Then where do those people go to seek a sign complany? The yellow
pages, the internet, etc?

Marketing in general - get the word out but telling everyone you
know and everyone they know :) References are a plus (As Janie says)
and should be available to show any potential customers.

Marketing on the Web - similarly, the goal is to get the word out.
First, your website should be user friendly, search engine friendly,
and effectively communicate your marketing message.

Your site does need a little attention. Several images are very
large and can make opening the site a long process. You should have
a link to a site map of your site...listing all your site's pages.

For some ideas about web marketing go to:

If you have any questions about more specific issues about your
site, do not hesitate to contact me.

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