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206, Advertising suggestions?
Posted by oweaponx, Fri Dec-29-06 10:27 AM
Hi everyone! Hope everyone's been enjoying the holidays, and is looking forward to 2007!

I would like to hear what others have found to be good places to advertise websites. I already know about Google Adwords (and Googel Base), as well as textlink advertising (ie, adbrite). They are ok, but didn't give a good retrun.

I'm looking at putting more focus on advertising in publications specifically to the affiliate program I'm promoting.

Let's say I'm promoting I would like to know which tends to have better results, in regards to sales (these are only examples): paying for advertising on big sites such as Nike and Footlocker, or paying for advertising in the various local publications? What have your experiences been?
208, RE: Advertising suggestions?
Posted by Barcelona, Sun Dec-31-06 08:14 PM
honestly your best advertising will depend on WHO your Traget audience is and How far your reach is... can you be a bit more specific:-) happy new year! For starters hit lots of your local directories
230, RE: Advertising suggestions?
Posted by Nancy, Tue Jan-16-07 11:38 AM
Marketing to niches usually gives much better results. That's assuming the publication doesn't charge higher rates based on the fact that they're delivering more targeted prospects. Some of the established ones do charge more, but you can often get some good deals with newer publications.

If you're looking at local or regional publications, find out what you can about the content in that issue. Then, you can plan your ad and its placement accordingly.

For example, if there's an article on aromatheraphy, someone selling candles, etc. can get the most from their advertising dollars. I've worked on several of these magazines and they offer very affordable opportunities to reach a niche market. Those of a magazine quality also tend to be saved, passed around, and placed in waiting areas at offices and businesses.

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236, RE: Advertising suggestions?
Posted by iws, Tue Jan-23-07 03:35 PM
There has been a lot of talk about co-registration. I have not done any of this but the two guys promoting it made over 1 mil in 90 days. And it is on going at about 600k per month from what I understand.

So depending on your objective, you need to focus on your target customers and like they say, go fishing where the fish are.
238, RE: Advertising suggestions?
Posted by lisasgourmet, Wed Jan-24-07 03:49 AM
You might want to try They are advertising brokers and can help get you into publications in your area for very discounted prices. Plus, they help with the campaign too!

Good Luck!

Lisa :D
241, RE: Advertising suggestions?
Posted by jbsmith, Thu Jan-25-07 07:54 AM
So - if I have this right, you are looking to advertise an affiliate program for your website.

A few options --

1. Make sure your affiliate program is highly visible from your webpage, you may already have people coming that would be interested if they can find info

2. Get listed in the affiliate directories - do a search on affiliate directories and make sure you submit to the larger ones.

3. Seek out large partners - actively pursuing large JV and affiliate partnerships is sometimes the only way - once you get one or two on board it becomes easier to convince all the others. Find out who is operating sites that market to your market and offer them your program.

Hope that helps...


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