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Posted by rob, Tue Dec-26-06 04:24 AM
Hello friend in business,
I am a marketing consultant and owner of a new high powered marketing firm, Prolific Vision Marketing, where our mission is to help new business owners with all of their marketing needs. Marketing surveys are very necessary and can be really effective as long as you ask the right questions. My advice is to place yourself in the position of the consumer and develop questions that will help you effectivly cater to your target market. If you put yourself in the position of the consumer, it will be easier to develop the questions you want to find out. What type of business it is that you are starting? I also want to congratulate you on making the decision to start your own business and taking the solid steps to do so. If you would like further insight, please feel free to email me at :-)

Robert Naylor
CEO,Proprietor, Prolific Vision Marketing