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1856, RE: Buisness owners
Posted by ronaldlee, Fri Mar-24-17 02:45 AM
>What prompted you to begin or buy this business?
>What kinds of problems did you anticipate before you started?
>What kinds of problems do you deal with in the daily operation
>of your business?
>What types of employees do you have (part-time, full-time,
>hourly wage, salary, etc.)?
>Do the different types of employees have different
>positives/negatives to you as an employer? Please explain.
>Before starting your business, did you have a business plan?
>What do you find most rewarding about owning your own
>As a small business owner, do you believe you have any
>advantages over large businesses or corporations? If yes,
>what? If no, why not?
>What advice would you offer to anyone who is thinking about
>starting a business of his or her own?