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Posted by DianaPerk, Mon Jun-02-14 11:40 PM
>My husband and I just started a crowdsourcing webite to help
>new businesses (and old) develop designs and branding for
>their companies. I have spent all day sending out an
>introductory emails to everyone in my local Chamber of
>Commerce (with their approval), but I am wondering if I am
>just spinning my wheels. Our web host is providing SEO for us,
>but that may take a few weeks. Anyone have any ideas what the
>best way to market this type of business might be? We will be
>starting a blog as well on the site to halp facilitate web
>crawlers finding us. But, we need ideas. Anyone?
>Thank you!

Crowdsourcing websites require the same amount of planning and marketing as other venture requires.The best way to promote your website is to build your audience through use of social media such as FAcbook,Twitter and Linkedin.You can share your content with your audience.You can join groups and let people know about your website.
The second way is you can Join the online communities of your niche market.Create useful blog content.Even if you just get a dollar from someone, send them a personalized thank you when possible.xYou can send invitation to people who had started new business. Simple techniques such as including the link to your campaign in your email signature and social media bios will help make your campaign more accessible to people you interact with.

IF you need any help, let me know.