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1716, Do you practice responsible marketing?
Posted by afersulaj, Wed Jan-01-14 10:02 PM
Marketing is a pretty free flow industry where you can do whatever you want. You can say whatever you want, more or less, without getting in trouble for it. But you probably want to consider practicing responsible marketing. It seems more people value honesty than ever before, and there are a lot more ways you can honestly market to customers. On top of that, your customers value marketing towards the right audience without trying to deceive.

Fast Food companies and responsible marketing

The way the Fast Food industry was expected to use responsible marketing in 2013 specifically was supposed to be to avoid exploitation of children in advertising, according to CS Monitor. There are far too many fast food advertisements out there that are meant to get more children through the doors and offer them unhealthy products. If fast food restaurants offered more healthy choices for children and advertised to them, it wouldn’t be such a big problem. Responsible marketing would have focused on bringing in the parents and advertising more responsible eating choices.

How you change your marketing focus?

Of course, your company may not sell food, and even if you do, it might be perfectly healthy for kids to eat. When determining your marketing strategy, you can be more responsible by showing the whole truth instead of trying to skirt around it. The reason why honesty in marketing is now so valuable is because the truth will come out on the internet anyway. With free access to the internet and online reviews, customers will find out if you have lied to them or if your advertising comes with all kinds of strings attached. Make sure you are very transparent in your advertising and that your customers don’t feel like you are hiding anything from them.

Try pay per call instead

One of the ways to avoid dealing with marketing at all is just to use pay per call marketing. The basic idea is that you let all your customers do the advertising for you, and you pay for referrals. They post the ad on their personal blog or website, and you only pay them when quality customers call in for more information about your business. By doing this, your business will be practicing responsible marketing. You are letting your product or service speak for itself, and you don’t even have to do any work.

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