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1700, Marketing a foundation?
Posted by sjd314, Sun Apr-21-13 04:35 PM
Does anyone have ideas on how to market our foundation? Our main goal is to raise funds for families with chronically ill children.

1701, RE: Marketing a foundation?
Posted by hostingdiva, Mon Apr-22-13 02:49 AM
Hi Sara:

I went to the domain name you posted - - and there is no website at that domain. I also checked the Whois records, and is not registered.

So, the first step in marketing your organization is making sure that you send people to the right place ;-)

1702, RE: Marketing a foundation?
Posted by sjd314, Mon Apr-22-13 04:11 AM
Sorry that was a is
1704, RE: Marketing a foundation?
Posted by farmilo, Fri May-10-13 07:37 PM
Go to Google search and ask for all the fundraising websites, and go to each one and make requests for donations.
Build a clean, excellent website,and put in some Paypal buttons that allow you to collect donations.
Write some excellent press releases telling your story, and get those press releases on the move!
Post them through every FREE press release service online. Again, Google to find 'em.
Creat your own blog,a nd start bloggin, and go to forums related to your interest, and make posts about what you are doing, and begin creating some relationships.
Stick with it.
Find every bit of local, state/provincial, federal connections to what you are doing, and get some interactions going.
Seek big hitters like Oprah, Ellen, etc., to put the spotlight on you.
Okay, there is more, but this will get you started.
1734, RE: Marketing a foundation?
Posted by Terryhopper, Wed Nov-26-14 05:27 AM
Hello can anyone tell me, when the Affiliate Program of 2015 will be held?
1735, RE: Marketing a foundation?
Posted by aaagul45, Tue Dec-16-14 03:58 AM
I assume you want to work together with such organizations for a common good, not compete against them.) Look for your local chapters of the organizations. You might also look for your state agency, often part of health and human services, that works with families with children with medical issues. It will take time to build awareness of your organization, but it can be done with a bit of footwork.??