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1681, Promotional strategy ideas needed
Posted by FreeStuffGalaxy, Sun Mar-25-12 05:47 AM
My name is Nadya and recently I have started a website dedicated to my passion finding free stuff and coupons online. I know that there are a lot of moms like me who like doing this so I have started

On the website I only publish genuine free stuff offers and coupons that are hand picked and because of that and the fact that I am not posting affiliate offers and false posts to drive traffic to paid products I am sure that the website can be attractive to my target audience.

Unfortunately I am facing the same old problem every newly started website faces - I am not able to drive traffic to my website.

The audience here is very knowledgeable and that is why I have decided to ask for your help and ideas.

I highly value you cooperation and hope that you can give me some advice to follow.

Thank you!!