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1675, Reinventing Myself
Posted by LRCote, Mon Mar-05-12 11:45 AM
I'm Louise Cote, owner/design director of Katmandu Studio graphic design. I have been in business since 1995, providing graphic design services to a wide variety of businesses, from Fortune 50 companies to local small business.

Yes, I do mean Fortune 50. I've worked on such international brands as Honeywell, Vicks and Kenmore.

I have come to accept the fact that I can't do marketing the same old way. I provide my clients with design services in two ways:
1- Traditional, where I meet with a client and do the work in my home office.
2- On-site, where I'm working in the client's office. This is good when my client has a hot deadline or one of their staff is on vacation or out sick.

I have also worked in multiple languages for many years. One of my clients markets their products all around the word, so a 150-page owner's manual in 23 languages is not uncommon. I want to bring this service to other (new?) clients.

I'm trying to develop a new marketing strategy, but I've hit a mental block. I'm developing a mailing list of local manufacturers who do business worldwide - or could do business worldwide - an intend to offer my multi-language services.

I'm the only one here - I don't count my VP of Security aka Yuki the Wonderdog as staff - and I think I've been thinking about this for too long. There don't seem to be many people here, but I'd like to hear from other business owners how they have reinvented themselves.