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Topic subjectRE: How and where to sell my bridal gowns?
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1666, RE: How and where to sell my bridal gowns?
Posted by mobiletownusa, Fri Dec-23-11 03:57 AM
Put together a wedding dress showing, like an art museum would do. Write a press release to all the papers and tv stations, get florists, banquet halls, caters, travel agents to sponsor it. Use the sponsoring dollars to run advertising campaigns.

Have one of the banquet halls donate the space as part of there sponsorship.

Let each sponsor setup table displays next to your gowns. Make it a big galla event!! The more publicity this gets the better it will be for your wedding dress business. Have dresses for sale or one really nice one that can be raffled off if they give you name, address, email, and phone number. Now you are building a good list to market to after the show.

You could do monthly giveaways and put a little box in all your sponsors locations, florist, caterer,banquet halls.

Send out weekly text campaigns to the list you are now building!

Hope this helped, have a Merry Christmas!