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Topic subjectRE: How and where to sell my bridal gowns?
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1649, RE: How and where to sell my bridal gowns?
Posted by DigitalNinja, Tue Nov-08-11 04:12 PM

Wow ... those dresses are amazing. As an internet marketing firm I may be able to help. Truth is, in my experience, the BEST way to start a new business will be to network. There are also a TON of internet options but none of them will work as well as getting out and talking to people.

I am not sure where your located but heres where I would start:

#1 - Business Network International ... this is the single best investment we have made.

#2 - Joint venture with florists, wedding planners, cake decorators, photographers etc

#3 - Tradeshows

From a purely internet perspective I would focus on:

#1 - Adwords (Google and Bing) (extremely targeted and confined to a geographic area)

#2 - Facebook advertising ... by the same token as above you can specifically target your prime demographic ... single women from 18-35 living in your location etc etc

#3 - Other "free" advertising options including craigslist and local classifieds.

Again ... we are a successful internet marketing firm and again ... the best option for you will be to focus on relationships. Once you start making sales THEN you can focus on reinvesting in your company and creating a marketing budget.

David GS