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Topic subjectHow and where to sell my bridal gowns?
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1647, How and where to sell my bridal gowns?
Posted by emility, Wed Oct-19-11 12:15 PM
Here is our history....My partner and I have a bridal atelier in Europe that is well known in the country, and we sew and sell a lot of wedding dresses throughout the year. However, me and my husband had to move to the US one year ago, and we decided to continue our business here. The ptoduction of the dresses would still be done in Europe, we just going to sell it here. We tried using ebay to sell the dresses but the competition from China with their very cheap wedding dresses is unbeatable. Our dresses are sewn by professional team and are unique design, not a replica. Of course if the client brings a picture with other designer dress that they would like us to sew, we do that as well, but all of the dresses we sell are ours and we have new collection every year.

The problem now is we need an idea how to grow our business in the US, how should we start selling our dresses? We would really like to open our own bridal boutique in the future, but for now this is not possible and we need to start from somewhere. What is the best thing to do in our situation to start selling our bridal dresses here? I would really appreciate your help and advises!

Here is our new collection of 2011 if you are interested to see it.