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Topic subjectMarketing Executive @ USD 1000 PM:Special offer for Start-ups & Early-stage companies
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1630, Marketing Executive @ USD 1000 PM:Special offer for Start-ups & Early-stage companies
Posted by sathiya, Wed Jul-20-11 11:44 PM
Market Achieve, today announced a special program to support start-ups and early-stage companies, who do not have the budget to spend on advertisements, events and purchased data bases. They need to acquire their first few customers using low cost methods. Most of these methods (like web research, data collection or posting messages in internet mediums) are highly manpower intensive.

Even in the case of well funded early-stage companies, it is not sufficient if they only use automated tools, purchased databases & technology to nurture their markets. They also need the ingenuity and creativity of human intelligence. They need Data researchers and Marketing executives.

Using interns is one way. But nurturing the market in this crucial period, requires the process rigour and commitment of a full time employee. That is where Market Achieve comes in.

Market Achieve employs a global workforce of qualified graduates and MBAs. You get all the skill sets and capabilities of a full time Marketing Executive dedicated to your account at a price point that is very attractive.

For further information please contact