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1631, RE: What promo item would you rather receive?
Posted by mary, Thu Jul-28-11 09:27 AM
This is strickly personal. I would want the flashlight one. It comes in handy many times over.
was at mall power went out had to use cell phone
flat tire no flashlight
walked into hme no power
dark parking lot
really bad one. went to party in woods lost cell phone and had no flashlight
Plus, leather looks good:*
I am also doing the same thing. I want to send brochures of my jewelry to potential buyers. I also want to send a small sample. Do I make earrings? bracelet? necklace? What do I sent to a man? I want to keepp it small (keep down the postage) but something they will remmeber when needing to order. hmmmmmmm;)