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1592, Selling and Marketing to the right people
Posted by barefootcole, Mon Jan-17-11 10:45 PM
It took me a long time to develop my idea and finish the website. I am ready for customers and I think it's a great idea for today's times. The problem is, I HATE selling. I really don't have the money to invest in putting ad's out all over the place and would like to only spend money on growing IF I start bringing some in.

This is day two of my business being ready. All the free ad's I have placed have only accounted for about 7 hits to my website and no inquiries. I know this is ONLY day two, but I feel like I am not presenting well to my target audience, so I came here for some advise and to have a look around oat other posts.

Here is my new site:

BTW, if you know anyone that could benefit from one of my services, I can offer a 50% off for anyone referred from IdeaCafe :)

Thanks in advance!