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Posted by tapont71, Tue Aug-02-11 08:08 AM
Running a business is very challenging, irregardless of what market you are in. With the internet becoming more and more of the target for many businesses, you will face a good amount of competition and marketing struggles. One thing that a lot small business owners don't realize is that you can't be an all solution to everyone. You must figure out what you are good at and become the expert.

It definitely is very important in figuring out who your target market is. You'd be surprised once you do this, how much less work you have to put into your marketing due to fact you know who you are going after.

Do you have a website? If so, how is your SEO on it? Are you targeting the right keywords? Or are you trying to rank for keywords that you will never ever rank for. Or are you using email marketing? This is one source that if you are on a tight budget can be a very good source for attracting new clients and repeat customers.

Fact: You have to "touch" your prospects at least 8 times before they purchase from you. Email marketing solves this issue. Connect with your prospects and clients. Become more than just someone trying to sell a service or product.

And I have to say that if you're not using facebook as a means of building your business, you are missing out tremendously. Facebook has become a small business haven...why? Because it gives you the vehicle to become the expert. Its not for selling but for connecting with your community and build relationships with them. Once you do this, who do you think your fans will call for your services or products.

Just a couple of things to think about. Hope it was some help.

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