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1551, Greatest marketing frustration?
Posted by jct226, Mon Aug-09-10 04:02 AM
What is your greatest marketing frustration?

What is your greatest need in advertising and marketing your business?

What are your suggestions in overcoming these?
1555, RE: Greatest marketing frustration?
Posted by Pepperfire, Thu Mar-25-10 05:01 AM
From day one my greatest marketing frustration has been whether or not I have the budget for whatever marketing project happens to present itself.

My greatest need is always getting my message out to my target market.

Cash flow is what it is and is difficult to overcome. Suggestions for overcoming lack of financing for marketing: Use grassroots word of mouth marketing, article marketing, Join Haro, become the known expert in your area on your particular topic, etc. If you get good at this, eventually you will discover that you have the 20% of income you require to spend on your marketing.

To get your message out to your target market begin by knowing WHO your target market is. Sometimes your market will tell you that who you think your market is, isn't, in which case you should rethink who you are targeting. Figure out where that market is and go to them. Offering expensive educational children's toys in a magazine that specializes in AARP or CARP members, may seem like a bad idea until you learn that those most likely to buy an expensive toy for a child are that child's grandparents.

Be sure that your message is concise and well-placed. Once you know who your target market is and why they are buying your product, you can target your message.

Finally, track your marketing efforts, if you can. Figure out how your actually customers are coming to you, (Ask them), and when you have a method that works, ramp it up and do more of it.

Thanks for posting the question.

Tina Brooks, VP Marketing
Brooks Pepperfire Foods, Inc.
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1567, RE: Greatest marketing frustration?
Posted by potpourri, Sun Aug-01-10 12:03 PM
Why some things work and some don't. I guess the thing here is to track, measure and evaluate. Then do it again.




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Posted by Alessia222, Wed Aug-04-10 06:28 AM
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1571, Greatest marketing frustration?
Posted by chrisadam, Sun Aug-29-10 11:41 PM
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1627, RE: Greatest marketing frustration?
Posted by logodesign, Mon Jun-06-11 08:20 PM
frustration create when you put your 100% and get nothing so what you have to do in this case please guide me i have done marketing but still my site is stand on 3rd page since few months please guide me i m using keyword professional logo design if any 1 can guide me i will be thankful.
1628, RE: Greatest marketing frustration?
Posted by mster, Mon Jun-20-11 04:35 AM
I agree that the lapse of time between marketing and customer
response can sometimes be lengthy.  But I have found
consistency is the key. KNOWING who you are and who your
target customer is is very important but not as important as
still being there when your customer is ready to take that
plunge. Some of my best customers have been from "word of
mouth" which is very different from years past, it's
almost ALL online now.

1629, RE: Greatest marketing frustration?
Posted by potpourri, Fri Jul-15-11 02:24 PM
Being steadfast in buiilding your foundation and content with the end goal in mind is not easy but will usually get you more results. If fast is what you seek, maybe you should step back and re-think the process.



1633, RE: Greatest marketing frustration?
Posted by tapont71, Tue Aug-02-11 08:08 AM
Running a business is very challenging, irregardless of what market you are in. With the internet becoming more and more of the target for many businesses, you will face a good amount of competition and marketing struggles. One thing that a lot small business owners don't realize is that you can't be an all solution to everyone. You must figure out what you are good at and become the expert.

It definitely is very important in figuring out who your target market is. You'd be surprised once you do this, how much less work you have to put into your marketing due to fact you know who you are going after.

Do you have a website? If so, how is your SEO on it? Are you targeting the right keywords? Or are you trying to rank for keywords that you will never ever rank for. Or are you using email marketing? This is one source that if you are on a tight budget can be a very good source for attracting new clients and repeat customers.

Fact: You have to "touch" your prospects at least 8 times before they purchase from you. Email marketing solves this issue. Connect with your prospects and clients. Become more than just someone trying to sell a service or product.

And I have to say that if you're not using facebook as a means of building your business, you are missing out tremendously. Facebook has become a small business haven...why? Because it gives you the vehicle to become the expert. Its not for selling but for connecting with your community and build relationships with them. Once you do this, who do you think your fans will call for your services or products.

Just a couple of things to think about. Hope it was some help.

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1662, RE: Greatest marketing frustration?
Posted by plrassassin, Sun Dec-18-11 09:00 PM
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1664, RE: Greatest marketing frustration?
Posted by mobiletownusa, Mon Dec-19-11 08:25 PM
The only way to get immediate response to advertising campaign is to make sure ALL your target customers actually get the message. Text messaging is the only thing customers check and respond to within 2 minutes of receiving a text message from you.

4pm tuesday night going to get out of work soon. You get a text from Teds pizza, $2.00 off any order for the next 2 hours. Will you stop for pizza on the way home? Very powerful marketing technique!!!!
1665, RE: Greatest marketing frustration?
Posted by mobiletownusa, Fri Dec-23-11 03:42 AM
My biggest marketing frustration is proving to business owners that print advertising and the phonebook are both huge wastes of advertising dollars. All $$ needs to be funneled into online marketing dollars because that is how customers recieve information. Unless you are over 50 most people do not ever open the phone book to find a phone number they just google it.
I find this very frustrating, because they are wasting what little money they have, just because a fast talking salesman sold them on some great newpaper ad.
1683, RE: Greatest marketing frustration?
Posted by insy111, Mon Apr-23-12 03:38 AM
The most frustrating aspect I encounter involves the trust issues. Most of my clients come through the internet marketing and the biggest obstacle here is skepticism. There are just so many dishonest people trying to rip off people on the internet that it becomes very difficult for honest businesses that are legitimately trying to help people. However, with time the honest and dishonest companies can be easily distinguished. Until then, it has been one of the greatest challenges I've faced.

Wish you well,
1684, RE: Greatest marketing frustration?
Posted by LRCote, Thu Apr-26-12 10:02 AM
I hate when someone gives me his/her card and asks me to call, and when I call he/she pretends we never met. OR someone takes my card, says they're interested in doing business with me, and never calls.

Hmmm, sounds like dating, doesn't it? But isn't that the idea - meeting people and creating relationships?

My greatest need is qualified leads so I can talk to - and work with - people who are serious about doing business with me. Being a graphic designer, it can be hard to sell because you can't hold it in your hands.

I don't know how to overcome my lack of "needs". I haven't had any real work in months, and my patience is wearing thin... x(

L.R. Cote
Katmandu Studio
1685, RE: Greatest marketing frustration?
Posted by GreatEnergy, Sat May-05-12 02:24 PM
The greatest marketing frustration has to be when direct mail marketing doesn't work. Researching demographics, making creative designs, and getting a print shop to create the mail is a lot of work and sometimes this can't compete with online advertisements.

I think the greatest need for marketing in my graphics business is the ability to produce quality work. A portfolio is incredibly important as well as having a customer base who is willing to vouch for your work. Sometimes the best advertising is simply doing your job right.

I suggest having a good blend of online and offline marketing solutions. Going heavy one way ca be beneficial, but not realize your full advertising potential.

Catering to customers who are computer savvy as well as those who are not is the best way to overcome any promotional hurdles you may find in front of you.