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Topic subjectProduct Placement into more Major Retail Stores
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1545, Product Placement into more Major Retail Stores
Posted by DESIGNMYWAY, Thu Feb-04-10 10:41 AM
I am the producer/distributor of How to Fashion Design dvd lessons. The box set includes 3 dvds and Free Pattern. I have contacted a few buyers who really like my product and I have been able to get them onto Best Buy and Barnes and Noble websites.

My goal is to have them in more targeted markets where the store can benefit too from sales of supplies generated from the purchase of HOw to Fashion Design lessons. These stores would be places like Hancock Fabrics, JoAnns, Hobby Lobby etc. The process of contacting them one on one is daunting.

I need to know how to get them into distribution centers so they are available to these stores to see. Is there a catalog these retailers use? I need to get my product more out there.

Bob Martin
KKC Enterprise