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Posted by iwrite, Tue Sep-14-10 06:41 PM
I agree with all the advice you're getting. One thing that came to my mind was to not allow spammers to post jobs. I hate going to Monster or any of the main job boards because there is so much spam or "business op" ads that aren't identified as such. I realize that is probably where they make a lot of money but when I was trying to find a J.O.B. I hated ending up with spam or a fake job offer that was a biz opp.

So, you could set yourself apart by not allowing that or at least labeling them clearly and requiring submissions are labeled clearly.

Definitely reach out and actually call the HR departments. They'll be happy to post jobs if you make it easy for them to accomplish if it's free or low cost.

To attract targeted traffic of course you need good,unique,regular and relevant content added. At first I would update the site three to five times a week. You'll see a huge jump in traffic if you do it and make it a priority.