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Posted by ritalynn2593, Tue Jan-26-10 09:51 AM
I would check into EBay and Amazon. /ebay Stores have 2 options a basic store for $15.95 per month or a Premium store for 49.95 per month. Amazons WebStores setup is very simple and slightly more user friendly than ebay stores and also includes some bells and whistles that you might not expect. For instance the store is hosted on your own website (hear me out) a factor that may increase your search engine rankings and increase traffic. This may have been the problem with your experience with your last website. Anazon stores are pricer per month 59.95, but the ease of use and value of being on Amazon with it's security and feature rich services make the extra price worth it. BEst yet Amazon offers a 30 day trial so you can try it out.